PC21 1:3.5 scaled


PILATUS PC21 is a famous plane in the world, we know most of pilot loves this plane, so far our PC21 V2 version is all in the market. 

  From this page, we are thanks for our buyers offer their beautiful photos 

Roger Baumann

Ebel Guldukat

Andrew Sill

PC21 is in the size of 3.4m length. And the dry weight is 24kg, after install the engine and plug the battery and full fill the tank and everything, total take off weight would be 28-30kg. 

 Because of  different flight habbits, we would keep the option from PNP and ARF for option. ARF kit has only one differece from PNP, which is the servos pre-install or not. If you have more time, and your owned sponsor for the servos, take an ARF kit, if you don't want to do a lot of handcraft for these details, PNP will be your best choice.

 The plane is suiltable for King tech TP100 or Jetcat SPT10-RX. So if you have your owned engine, you can take a look at these two for refference to see if the size is suiltable for the plane.

In order to save the time of installation and testing, Wind RC had done the wire laying from the factory. this is a difficult job and what the pilot need to do is only connecting the reciever and plug the controllers. The plane is strong enough to do many different actions. But we know some pilots prefer the regular fly. 

Ok, Let's see the details below.



Dennis Shrewsbury got a nice picture with the PC.

Bert Garrison has a nice plane and a nice video 


Now we can see the details of the plane.

Stickers and riverts are all on the plane in nice finished. The paint job is definitely from experienced Sprayer.

Check the tail of the plane, looks the color under the sun shine.

This is the updated version inside construction, All change into the carbon sanwich board and nice glued.

Top view from the canopy.

  This is waiting for the glue dry, then will apply the wires and nose landing gear on.

We have a buyer from China, he asked the engine pre installed, so we have chance to see how does it looks like with the new version exhauted pipes.

Then we can see the receiver and controllers on the front. But where is the fuel tank? It's under the carbon board with the AUT in the picture.

  Looks like a beast is waking up, engine ready and cable ready. 

 If you see any pc21 in the market, you can check the wing tip light, we are design the light like this, we are doing as more scaled as possible.

Cockpit are all scaled, but we can't make it with light, it would be more heavy if you doing so, but if you are not worry about the weight, you have a lot of room to modify and update the plane.

Current Schemes we are working now.



Length: 3.4m

Wingspan: 2.73m

Height: 1.2m

Servors: 10pcs HV servos

Lights: Bright lights

Engines recommened: King Tech TP100 or jetcat SPT10-RX.

Take off weight: 28-30kg

Default Fuel tank: 3L

Configuration available in ARF and PNP


Right on the main wing carbon tube!!


Packing in a wooden crate, it's safe for the plane.

Packing volume weight is 250kg. You can caculate your shipping cost from this weight.


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